Miku Ferguson

Circus and Acrobatics

Miku is a circus performer who specialises in hula hoops. Her love for circus started when she was 6 years old. She has been apart of Flipside Circus, Theatre and Dance and CIRCA ZOO ensemble. Whilst being with these companies, Miku explored different types of apparatuses and performing skills which she incorporates in her classes. She has been apart of the circus industry for 16 years and currently performs at festivals, corporate events and private events around Queensland and NSW. Expect her class to be fun and engaging as she welcomes you into a playful space with no limit to your imagination and your self-expression!  


Alyssa Beasley

Pilates, Bootcamp, Kids Yoga & Wellbeing, Kids HIIT

Alyssa has been teaching for over 5 years and has a passion for fitness and wellbeing. As a fully qualified and registered school teacher and personal trainer, she loves helping people of all ages get up & moving to their favourite tunes! 


Hanna Pickersgill

Drama Club

As a drama teacher and a Mum I see great benefits from students learning Drama & Theatre skills; such as improved social skills, problem solving, team work, oral presentation confidence, creativity, memory and concentration and it’s also lots of fun!



Chess Club

Alex Stahnke is a renowned QLD Chess instructor.  He started playing at the age of 8 and has been professionally teaching since 2013.  Alex soon fell in love with chess, and at age 10, he was playing 100 online bullet (one minute) games everyday.  He is an elite player with a peak ACF rating of 2030. 

"I started Topchess in 2018, because I want to make a positive difference in children's lives.  Playing and learning chess has helped me overcome many of life's obstacles.  When I was in primary school, I was a "C" student...struggling with my grades.  Then, chess came into my life.  After learning chess, my grades went from C's to straight A's and I promise I have chess to thank for that.  Chess gave me confidence, I learnt to take responsibility for my actions and most importantly it was so much fun along the way.​ I believe through Topchess, I can give back to the community by sharing my knowledge and helping others to grow.


Andrew Riley

Karate and Women's Self Defence

Andrew is a highly experienced martial arts instructor as well as a highly motivated personal trainer. With over 10 years experience in delivering instruction on an individual and group basis, I love my job and enjoy being part of the Fitness Industry. Andrew’s main focus is on developing and empowering clients to reach their individual fitness goals. Andrew has trained and taught in many countries including Russia, Spain, United States, Canada, Japan and Germany. Andrew has worked with clients of a wide variety of abilities and goals, from 3&4 years old to 65 years old. Andrew’s personal attitude towards training is show up, smash it and enjoy the rewards that come from the hard work. Andrew also runs his Titans martial arts program that enhances children’s ability to learn, develop and understand how to become more confident individuals in and out of school with the use of martial arts training.


Terry Halton


Terry played the guitar for a number of years and has followed many musical traditions. He has an eclectic assortment of qualifications and has taught in a variety of fields and brings a wide range of skills to the classroom. He was to be to the trumpet what Einstein was to Quantum Theory alas he failed dismally. As a drummer he had tepid success in the garages of putative bands, alas again, like the bands he never played any gigs outside of said garages. His success on the guitar mirrors that of the trumpet and drums. Several years ago he discovered the joy and portability of the ukulele, and wishes to convey that joy to others. 


Joshua Clifford

Community Choir

Joshua has a deep love for classical music and completed a Bachelor of Music in classical voice. He currently teaches voice and piano and is a conductor at Kenmore State High School and Grace Lutheran College. Adding to his repertoire, Joshua worked as a choral assistant and accompanist for Queensland Music Festival’s ‘Help Is on Its Way’, led by Dr Jonathon Welch AM.


Katrin Dreiling

Kids Art Class

As a child, I always used to draw, paint and write little stories. Then along came Mrs Reasonable and made me study to become a teacher. After a long journey, I realised this is not exactly how I imagined to make children fall in love with literature. So I locked Mrs Reasonable up in the basement, pushed a big cupboard in front of the door and took my first steps towards illustrating.  To me, children are the true perfect grown ups. Their hearts and minds are pure and good and it is important to nurture this - I strive to do that with art. Quirky art that uses material and techniques children are familiar with and that will hopefully inspire them to go and get creative themselves. Quirky art that inspires children to read books and make them become smart grown ups with a big heart. Because I truly believe we need more of this kind of grown ups.  And even though she will not admit this, Mrs Reasonable fully agrees.


James Byrne

Guitar (Mon, Wed)

I have been teaching guitar to beginners, children and young adults from 2004, at Dittmans Music in Springwood and from then  at NFSS After school program until now. My general interest is in performing popular rock and roll & blues music with friends in various venues around Brisbane’s suburbs since 1985 when I came to live in Brisbane. When I was young, in about 1965 I was a bass player in various pop bands of the day, that toured Australia, UK and France until 1975, when I came back to Oz and raised a family(6kids) I enjoy the challenge  of teaching music and guitar, because we never stop learning when we have a passion for music.



Robotics and Coding Classes

Our Coding and Robotics After School Program is run by Bricks4kidz, please head to the website for more information about the company.

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